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Results from a testing session become available approximately one week after the test is conducted. Members who pass their testing certification will receive their Official Belt Diploma during class, awarded through Krav Maga Alliance. Upon certification, the student will be able to commence a new level of classes. 

It is important to note that each level of testing ranks with either gold, silver or bronze placement – efficiency and technique are rewarded with the highest levels of merit. The student that achieves a bronze pass can still move up to the next rank but must improve the technique(s) that received low scoring within a two-week period. Unsuccessful testers will be contacted by their testing instructor to discuss results and schedule a make up date. Within an assigned 2-week trial period, the student will be encouraged to improve on the techniques discussed prior, demonstrate improvement in a live demo and explain techniques in great detail from the instructor standpoint.

We believe in our students and appreciate their hard work and the perseverance they bring to the classroom. For that reason any member that has put in the sweat, effort and time will be given a second chance. 

adult test results

Everyone can learn the mechanical side of a technique; owning it, however, and making it instinctual requires time and commitment. Titan Gym instructors will send out invitations to the students which are  known to be ready for testing. our goal is to make sure everyone is well prepared before going into the workshop and testing. The drills appointed during examinations are delivered with 80% of the intensity witnessed in real life and preparedness is of utmost importance.

The students have the right to attain A "REQUEST TO TEST" FORM once they have trained for the required time. This form is available upon request and can be picked up in our facility at your convenience. Once the form is submitted, the instructor will begin observing the student ‘s technique within the classroom setting and provide the necessary feedback. If/when student is given the approval to proceed with testing, he/she will submit the registration form with the required payment for the particular testing session.

progression through krav maga levels

Unlike the Adult program, the Kids Krav Maga program is required to progress through the belt ranking system. The six (6) ranking levels leading up to Black Belt ranking are comprised of three (3) separate phases, with each stage meant to introduce the student to more advanced techniques within the belt system. Rank progress will be based on the satisfactory completion of several criteria:

  • 10 completed “Weekly Mission” sheets, signed and dated by Parent/Guardian,

  • Good educational progress, as displayed via cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher,

  • Minimum of 20 Krav Maga class attendance requirement completed.

Ranking tests emphasize not only the mastering of technique but center on the building of character, confidence, and perseverance - qualities meant to assist our students outside the classroom, in the real world.

Our focus is on developing leaders; therefore, upon successful completion of Level 3 Certification (green belt), students are automatically enrolled in our Leadership Program. This concomitant curriculum is designed to allow student to assist their instructor with the facilitation of class training and subsequently provide the student with the skills necessary to advance in rank.

The most advanced ranking certification, namely the Black Belt, requires the knowledgebase of both performing, as well as teaching ANY and ALL techniques mastered throughout the system. The Leadership Program (no extra cost) will assist the students in mastering their didactic and public speaking abilities on top of improving on their courage and self-esteem.

Krav Maga Level 1

Phase 1- white belt yellow stripe
Phase 2- yellow belt
Phase 3- yellow belt black stripe

Krav Maga Level 2

Phase 1- white belt orange stripe
Phase 2- orange belt
Phase 3- orange belt black stripe

Krav Maga Level 3 (
ENTER Leadership Building program)

Phase 1- white belt green stripe
Phase 2- green belt
Phase 3- green belt black stripe

Krav Maga Level 4 (continue Leadership Program)

Phase 1- white belt blue stripe
Phase 2- blue belt
Phase 3- blue belt black stripe
Krav Maga Level 5 (continue Leadership Program)

Phase 1- white belt brown stripe
Phase 2- brown belt
Phase 3- brown belt black stripe

Krav Maga Level 6 (Probationary Black Belt)

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Krav Maga 1st Degree Black Belt 
(by invitation only)

Kids/ teens krav maga levels

 adults krav maga levels

although belts are not worn in class, krav maga advancement is based on the belt system, like many other martial arts systems. The following timeline represents typical progression through the krav maga belt system and class levels. timelines are meant to serve as a guideline and are not set in stone. they are based on members' training on average 2-3 times per week. Please be aware that each individual member will progress through the system at a different pace.

KM Level 1 (Yellow Belt Curriculum)

KM Level 2 (Orange Belt Curriculum)

KM Level 3 (Green Belt Curriculum)

KM Level 4 (Blue Belt Curriculum)

KM Level 5 (BROWN BELT curriculum)

Yellow Belt Test (6-8 months)

Orange Belt Test (8-12 months)

Green Belt Test (12 months)

Blue Belt Test (12+ months)

Brown Belt Test (12+ months)

NOTE: Black Belt and above is by invitation only and require 12 months training as a Brown Belt.

Access Student handbook here.